The Assets under Management in Finnish Mutual Funds Declined in May

The assets under management (AuM) in Finnish mutual funds declined to 58.7 billion euros in May. Investors invested 437.1 million euros in Finnish mutual funds but the market development was negative, accounting for 1.76 billion euros of the loss.

The equity funds lost 1.9 billion euros. Negative net subscriptions amounted to 409 million and the rest (€1.45bn) was due to the declining market environment. The equity funds were worth 19.0 billion euros in the end of May.

Bond funds accounted for 18.0 billion euros, suffering a loss of 252.6 million euros. Money market funds received a billion euros from investors.

The best fund class was healthcare, which returned 1.4% in May. Healthcare was also the best fund class in 12-month returns, producing a return of 5.0%.