The Assets under Management increased by 1.2 billion euros in September

Assets under Finnish mutual funds increased to 63.7 billion euros in September. The increase was due to both increasing market values (600 million euros) and positive subscriptions by investors (600 million).

Equity funds increased their Aum by billion euros. The positive market development contributed 601 million and net subscriptions 394 million of the climb. Assets in equity funds totalled 21.2 billion in the end of the month.

Also bond funds saw their AuM increasing – by 241 million euros to 20.7 billion in total. Almost all of the fund types in bond funds received new investments. The only exception was the category of Eurozone government bonds, which lost 25 million euros.

Money market funds declined to 10.9 billion. Asset allocation funds increased their AuM – to 9.4 billion. Alternative investment funds remained stable at 1.5 billion euros. The most lucrative fund category in September was the emerging market funds investing in Far East equity.