4.7 billion of new capital into Finnish domiciled mutual funds during 2012

Finnish domiciled mutual funds enjoyed a great year. Total assets increased by 11 billion euros during the year. Positive net subscriptions amounted 4.7 billion of total increase. The total assets under management are quickly reaching the heights of 2007. At the end of the year, the total assets under management were 66.3 billion euros.

At the end of the year, equity funds amounted a share of 33.7 % (22.4 billion euros) of total funds under management. The share of bond funds was 33.4 % (22.1 billion euros), while the money market funds represented a share of 15.9 (10.5 billion euros). Asset allocation funds had 14.8 % (9.8 billion euros) and other funds (such as hedge funds) amounted 2.2 % (1.4 billion euros).