Assets under management rose to nearly 70 billion euros

The assets under Finnish mutual fund management increased to almost 70 million euros during February 2013. The increase in assets was 1.8 billion euros, which is 2.7% compared to end of January. The growth in assets was driven by inflow from investors (663 million euros) and the asset value increase (1.2 billion euros).

Equity funds gained 4.3%, which equals approximately to a billion euros, of which 725 was due to the increasing stock prices. The equity fund capital amounted to 24.6 billion euros in the end of February 2013.

Bond funds remained stable at 21.6 billion euros, whereas short-term debt funds gained 4.7%. The assets under these funds equaled 11.1 billion euros at the end of the month. There was also increase in asset allocation funds, which grew by 3.9%, amounting to 10.6 billion euros. Alternative funds remained stable at 1.5 billion euros. The most returning fund class in February was Japanese Equity, which returned 5.3% for the month.