Assets under Management were 69,1 billion in March

The assets under Finnish fund management decreased in March with 320 million euros (0,5%). 925 million euros worth of capital was withdrawn from the funds. During the same time, the positive market movement increased the capital with 605 million euros. The total assets under Finnish fund management were 69,1 billion euros.

Equity funds gained 178 million euros (0,7%) in March ending to the total amount of 24,8 billion euros, while during the same period capital was withdrawn for 112 million euros. Increase in stock prices brought 289 million euros to the value of equity funds.

Assets in bond funds increased to 22,1 billion euros (2,1%). During the same period, assets in money-market funds increased to 11,4 billion euros (3%). Asset allocation funds’ assets decreased by 1,3 billion euros (12,3%) due to the withdraws that counted for almost 1,5 billion euros. In the end of the month, assets in asset allocation funds totaled 9,3 billion euros. Alternative funds gained 0,7% ending to a total value of 1,5 billion euros.

During March, the best performing fund class was Japanese equity, which returned 7,1%.