Assets under management in Finnish domiciled mutual funds exceeded 70 billion euros in May

Assets under management grew in May with 709 million euros totaling 70.4 billion euros in the end of the month. 578 million euros of the growth was acquired with positive net subscriptions, while positive market development increased the total amount of capital in the mutual funds with 131 million euros.

Equity funds were the biggest gainers of the capital with 888 million euros accounting 4 percent of total amount. The best performing fund category was the technology sector funds with 4.9 percent return. With 12-month perspective, the best performing fund category was consumer sector funds with 30.4% annual return. The healthcare sector funds remained the best performing fund category with 60-month perspective. Based on a risk-return performance, the best performing class was Eurozone High Yield class with a Sharpe’s measure of 5.9.