Assets under management in Finnish domiciled mutual funds were 69 billion euros in June

Amount of assets under management declined by 1.77 billion euros during June. Assets totaled 68.7 billion euros in the end of the month. The net subscriptions were 756 million euros while during the same time negative market development dropped the amount of assets by 2.52 billion euros.

Money market funds were the biggest gainers of new capital. The assets under management grew with 1,0 billion euros during June. Net subscriptions accounted for 1,1 billion euros of this change while negative market development cut the capital with 118 million euros.

The best performing fund category during June was the Japanese Equity, which returned 2.3% during the month. With 12-month perspective, the best performing category was the consumer sector which had average return of 25.1%. With 60-month perspective, the best performing class was the healthcare sector. Within the fund category the average return over 60-month period was 12.6 percent.