Net subscriptions into mutual funds domiciled in Finland almost 550 million euros in October

In October total net subscriptions into mutual funds domiciled in Finland were 549 million euros. However, total net assets dropped to 82.5 billion euros. Total net assets have decreased during September and October due mutual fund mergers, in which approximately 4.79 billion euros of assets were moved from Finnish funds to Swedish funds. At the same time fund assets worth of 1.03 billion euros were merged from Swedish funds to Finnish funds. The total net effects of the mergers was negative 3.77 billion euros.

Biggest gainers in October were asset allocation mutual funds with net subscriptions worth 237 million euros. Net subscription into long-term bond funds were worth of 204 million euros and net subscriptions into equity funds were worth 198 million euros. Short-term bond funds and alternative funds both had negative net subscriptions.