Net subscriptions to Finnish mutual funds close to 1 billion euros in September

Net subscriptions to Finnish mutual funds in September were 951 million euros. On the other hand, unfavorable market movements decreased the value of asset under management by 97 million euros. Despite the unfavorable market movements, the total asset under management by Finnish mutual funds reached its all-time high of 102.6 billion euros. Besides the large net subscriptions amount the total asset were also increased due to a Nordic mutual fund merger on which asset worth 528 million euros were transferred from Sweden to Finland.

In September the fund class with the highest net subscriptions was equity funds, with net subscriptions of 363 million euros. Net subscriptions to long-term bond funds were 346 million euros, net subscriptions to asset allocation funds 78 million euros and net subscriptions to alternative funds 78 million euros. Net subscriptions of short-term bond funds were negative 22 million euros.