3,9 billion euros redeemed from funds in 2018

Total of 3,9 billion euros of net subscriptions was redeemed from Finnish domiciled funds in 2018. Due to unfavorable equity market movements, the total assets of Finnish domiciled funds decreased to 110,1 billion euros at the end of 2018. The Mutual Fund Report published by Finance Finland (FFI) included new funds at the end of the year, which increased total assets by 2,8 billion euros.

Most redemptions were made from bond funds that lost a total of 2.4 billion euros. Of the equity funds, a net amount of 1.9 billion euros was redeemed and 326 euros million of short-term funds. Asset allocation and alternative funds, in turn, invested more money than they were redeemed. At the end of the year, fund capital increased by 2.8 billion euros when funds sold abroad but registered in Finland entered the Mutual Fund Report.