SPP Fonder – Increasing demand for fossil-free solutions all across the Nordics

Low carbon and fossil-free funds have gained a lot of attention and inflows all across the Nordics, as customers are raising their climate ambitions. Four of SPP Funds fossil-free sustainable funds have therefore been made available on Investment Research’s platform to cater to the Finnish market.

“We see an increasing demand across the Nordics for sustainable solutions in general and fossil-free solutions more specific. The demand derives from both private and institutional investors. It is very encouraging to see the interest gaining momentum in Finland too”, says Åsa Wallenberg CEO SPP Funds.

The funds that have been made available, as of July 2020, are:

  • SPP Aktiefond Global €
  • SPP Emerging Markets SRI €
  • SPP Aktiefond USA €
  • SPP Aktiefond Europa €

“Finnish investors increasingly recognize global issues, such as climate change, as both investment risks and opportunities. We are therefore very happy to announce that we can now showcase these four funds to our client base. It is also great to see that SPP Funds has joined the Finnish Mutual Fund Report to increase their presence among Finnish institutional and retail investors”, states Jussi Kanerva, CEO of Investment Research Finland.