The corona year rewarded the fund investor – AuM rose to record highs being 132 billion euros

In 2020, a total of 1.2 billion euros new capital was invested in mutual funds registered in Finland. Assets under management also increased due to favorable market developments. The total value of assets under management at the end of the year was 132 billion euros. Since June 2020, the Fund Report has included an ESG rating that shows how well there is information available related to the fund’s responsibility.

In December, a net amount of 919 million euros was invested in the funds. Equity funds received 47 million euros and money market funds received 617 million euros. Moreover, asset allocation funds received 280 million euros and alternative funds 84 million euros new capital. Bond funds had net redemptions of 109 million euros. Throughout the year, net redemptions were made from fixed income funds, but other funds received net subscriptions.