Manager Selection Advice and Design

Our manager selection service is designed to improve the efficiency of asset management, optimise performance and minimise costs. As we see it, tendering for the asset management contract at suitable intervals increases the probability of attaining desired return at a reasonable cost.

Independent adviser ensures a well-balanced service

In small economies such as Finland, links between operators may question the objectivity of decisions. Using an independent advisor for tendering process is therefore well justified. Investment Research Finland is a neutral partner that does not offer asset management services or promote individual securities.

When time or internal resources are scarce, outsourcing is an ideal way of carrying out the tendering process. Also for institutional investors with adequate resources, an independent and external consultant at various stages of the tendering process is a worthwhile alternative – this ensures that relevant selection criteria and appropriate documentation are in place.

Reliable and diverse partner

We work in close cooperation with each investor throughout the entire tendering process, or at specific stages. An assignment drawn up together with the investor may include, for instance, an investment policy creation, invitation for tenders, tender analysis and/or quantitative manager analysis.

With the manager selection service, the entire tendering process, manager selection criteria and final decisions are thoroughly documented. Afterwards, the documentation serves for the evaluation of previous decisions.