Portfolio Consolidation Reporting

Our customised portfolio reporting enables investors to efficiently monitor the development of their entire portfolio, identify portfolio risks and compare portfolio performance by asset class and asset manager.

In accordance with corporate governance practices, investment actions are differentiated from reporting processes. Once the laborious data collection, calculation and report preparation tasks are outsourced to us, portfolio reporting is no longer dependent on specific asset managers or individuals within the company.

Comprehensive reporting through customisation

Our portfolio reporting is fully customisable to investor’s specific portfolio structure and meeting schedule. After obtaining the portfolio data from asset managers and depositaries, our analysts translate this information into final reports that are ready for internal use or, for instance, presentations for Board meetings.

The reporting covers all asset classes (e.g. direct property and private equity). Depending on customer’s needs, the service can include daily portfolio monitoring on the internet, manager comparison, investment-related accounting reports and reports to the authorities, as well as ad hoc portfolio simulation.