Investment Academy Ltd organises training for financial and investment professionals. Investment Academy’s key target group includes financial professionals from executives to operational staff. The Academy organises open courses, seminars on hot financial industry topics and customised training events with leading speakers in their respective field.

Optimised efficiency and new insights through training

The training programmes provide up-to-date information as well as fresh insights, solution models and tools designed to optimise your efficiency. All training courses concentrate on practical issues which makes learning both meaningful and highly efficient.

Master the latest tools and hot topics

The main focus of the training courses is on practical exercises on a computer. The courses cover the most important topics of finance and asset management, such as different financial instruments, asset pricing and valuation, topics related to accounting and financial reporting as well as utilisation of Excel in various financial tasks. The seminars in turn present topics as the latest developments in the financial market and applicable legislation, securities market, mutual fund market, asset management, as well as risk and solvency management. For more information on courses available at Investment Academy, visit