Independent and versatile solutions
for investment planning and performance measurement

We provide institutional investors services for key stages of their investment activities: our advisory services can be utilized in crafting an investment plan and organizing asset management, while our comprehensive reporting services enable efficient monitoring, guidance and quality control of the investment process.

As a market leader, we act as a pioneer, building unbiased and cost-effective solutions, allowing investors to focus on that which matters the most - controlling and measuring investment activities.

Our services tailored for institutional investors are used by over 170 institutional investors, and we serve as a reliable partner in organizing, monitoring, and managing risks for various entities. These include non-profit foundations, investment companies, insurance companies, pension funds, labour market organizations and unemployment funds.

Contact us and discuss with us how your organization can enhance its investment activities, allowing you to concentrate on the critical aspects of your investment operations.

The guiding principles of our Institutional Services

The customer's overall benefit first. Our operations are driven by a genuine desire to help our customers and promote matters important to them.

Independent and diverse analysis. Our comments and views are always based on carefully weighed alternatives and we treat all parties equally.

Clarity and readability. We make sure all our material is clear and readable to all parties involved - we strive to present even complex matters in an understandable way.

We offer institutional investors solutions in the following areas:

Consolidated Investment Reporting

You can efficiently track the development of your entire investment portfolio and its components, identify portfolio risks, and compare the performance of different asset classes or asset managers.

The labor-intensive tasks such as data collection, enrichment and calculation are outsourced to skilled professionals, ensuring that your performance measurement is not dependent on one individual or asset managers.

Portfolio Sustainability Reporting (ESG)

Our ESG report enables constant monitoring of the development of sustainability risks and its key areas (environment, social responsibility and governance) in your portfolio.

The sustainability of your investment portfolio can be viewed at a portfolio level, by asset classes, by asset managers, or even by individual instruments, and all figures adhere to a consistent ESG methodology.

Investment Cash Flow Analysis

Separate reporting for committed investments provides investors with an easily understandable overview of the amount of committed capital and the forecasted future cash flows, facilitating cash management planning and ALM.

The current status and development of key metrics relevant to committed investments can be examined on a product and fund style level.

Investment Plan Preparation
and Update

Documenting investment objectives, risk limits and key operational practices facilitates responsiveness and expedites decision-making. With a comprehensive investment plan, the likelihood of bad investment decisions and unexpected risks decreases.

We thoroughly examine the investor's investment activities and interview representatives of the investor, resulting in a professionally grounded and crafted investment plan.

Fund Screening

Compare your fund investments in relation to other market funds, search, and discover new funds based on your specified search criteria.

With the fund screener tool, you can monitor the success of your current fund selections and add new funds to your favorites for potential future actions.

Investment Portfolio Limit Monitoring

The limit monitoring integrated into the reporting service supports successful risk management and the overall success of investment activities. Through limit monitoring, you ensure that your investment activities adhere to the constraints defined in the investment plan.

Monitoring related to asset class and security-specific weights, risk concentrations, or other constraints is customized for each investor, and alerts form a reliable log for internal control or auditing needs.

Asset Manager Selection Process

The competitive bidding service for asset management aims to streamline investor portfolio management, improve returns, and optimize cost levels. We act as a reliable and versatile partner alongside the investor throughout the competitive bidding process.

Through the competitive bidding service, investors can ensure sufficient selection criteria and documentation, as well as a carefully executed project with professional assistance.

Investment Asset Accounting

Our accounting service enables the streamlining and automation of investment activity accounting, carried out by a professional with expertise in investment instruments.

Our comprehensive processes, along with transaction-specific details in our system, ensure a robust audit trail, and we also assist the investor during the audit process.

"Comprehensive and illustrative reporting is the key to successful investment operations, which is why Investment Research's reporting concept and highly experienced staff are a strategic partner for our investment personnel and decision-makers. The continuous evolution of the investment portfolio and available instruments based on market conditions requires the ability for reporting to react swiftly to changing situations, and in this regard, Investment Research has excelled commendably.

The primary tool provided by Investment Research is the up-to-date web reporting. We also utilize numerous reports available on the web service, for example, in the presentations of the Board of Directors and in the meetings of the Bureau.

Special situations, and therefore the delivery of so-called “one timer” reports, are reacted very quickly. In addition, the coverage of investment research's contacts in the field of investment expertise is one of the best in the city. Answers to even the most challenging questions often come exceptionally quickly. I can wholeheartedly recommend their services."

Tommi Mäkelä, Chief Investment Officer

"The collaboration with Investment Research has been excellent and rewarding. What's best is that it has always felt like a partnership rather than a client relationship.

We have benefited from the data crunching, getting all possible (and a couple of impossible) metrics for investment tracking from one source, in the format and extent that we desire. The role played by Investment Research in regulatory reporting is also noteworthy. The icing on the cake is the customized training in investment matters provided to our board members. It is crucial that the training is delivered by an unbiased, non-commercial entity. Neutrality is, in fact, a distinctive strength of Investment Research – we seek analysis, not investment recommendations.

Furthermore, I would like to commend the service-oriented attitude. 'Everything will be taken care of' is the standard response to all requests. Accuracy doesn't even need to be mentioned; it is a fundamental requirement."

Harri Lemmetti, Chief Executive Officer

"We wholeheartedly recommend Investment Research for their knowledgeable and responsible approach, exemplary customer service attitude, and independence.

Our collaboration with Investment Research has deepened consistently over the years. As our fund engages multiple asset managers in its investment activities, Investment Research regularly prepares a comprehensive summary report of our entire investment operations in the format we desire. This greatly facilitates risk management and monitoring.

In the selection and bidding of asset managers, we have been utilizing Investment Research's independent and objective approach for many years. Thanks to their assistance, our bidding projects have remained well-managed initiatives, leading to the formation of partnerships for our fund under competitive terms. The flexibility and efficiency that characterize Investment Research's corporate culture make dealing with the company always a pleasure!"

Mirjami Kajander-Saarikoski, Director

"Tradeka has been utilizing the reporting services of Investment Research Finland since 2007. The reporting has been reliable, and the collaboration has been smooth. Challenging portfolio changes or data requests have always been efficiently implemented, with careful attention to the client's needs. In addition to traditional stocks, bonds, and liquid funds, Investment Research reliably handles alternative investments, which involve significantly more complex processing. Nowadays, we can comprehensively monitor the responsibilities and returns of our alternative investments through Investment Research's online service.

Responsible investing has long been important at Tradeka, and its significance has grown in recent years. Investment Research has been able to support this development with its ESG reporting service, providing us with an easy-to-read summary of portfolio carbon risk and other ESG parameters. The service also allows us to drill down into individual funds and obtain consistently calculated data.

In my opinion, Investment Research possesses excellent expertise in investment reporting, but the outstanding service attitude is the primary reason why I warmly recommend Finland's Investment Research as an investment reporting partner."

Jari Pussinen, Chief Executive Officer

"We have been collaborating with Investment Research in Heinola for a few years now. Our goal was to find an independent and knowledgeable partner with whom we could enhance the quality assurance of the city's investment activities. We aimed to streamline the monitoring of investment activities by consolidating monthly reports from various fund managers into a single reporting system. Additionally, we sought to improve the monitoring of returns, costs, and the sustainability of our investment activities.

The objectives set for the collaboration have been well achieved, and we receive visual reports easily and regularly on a monthly basis. Dealing with Investment Research is straightforward, and they regularly seek input from us to enhance their services. Questions are answered promptly, and they are available, for example, to present investment reviews to the city council. As additional services, we have received support in updating our own investment guidelines. The dialogue has worked exceptionally well, and we warmly recommend Investment Research to other municipal entities."

Hanna Hurmola-Remmi, Administration and Development Director