Our mission is to positively impact financial industry practices

The Investment Research Group is the leading provider of investment expertise services in Finland. We serve individuals and organizations alike in the areas of investment planning and monitoring, asset management procurement and financial industry education.

We aim to be the forerunner in providing independent and cost-effective solutions for investment portfolio planning, organizing and monitoring.

Our clientele consists of institutional investors, fund management companies, asset managers, and other financial industry participants.

The cornerstones of our business are content employees and satisfied customers. All of our employees are a valuable part of our low-hierarchy organization, where we foster a fair, encouraging, and positive team spirit. In our day-to-day operations we value a high degree of professionalism, as well as honest and straightforward collaboration.

For our clients, we aspire to be a long-term and independent partner, always guided by the overall benefit of the client. We emphasize clarity and transparency, deviating from traditional financial practices to ensure that complex matters are understandable for all parties involved.

Our values

Customer Service
Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business.
We build long-term relationships with our customers based on mutual trust.
We understand our customers' needs, business, and can empathize with their perspective.
We serve our customers reliably, with quality and efficiency.
Team Spirit
We do things together, openly, and with mutual respect.
We support each other at work and strive continually to enhance our expertise.
We aim to promote information flow and sharing within our workplace.
Mistakes are opportunities for learning.
Efficient Processes
We make the complex simple.
We conduct tasks efficiently, sensibly, and profitably.
Despite time constraints, we always strive for thoroughness.
We continually work towards improving our methods and processes to be more efficient in line with customer needs.
We have strong relationships with key players in the financial industry, and we actively maintain and develop these relationships.
Through our operations, we aim to positively impact the overall operating principles of the financial industry.

Our journey so far

IRF today
Our customer base includes over 170 Finnish institutional investors and 60 fund company partners. We continue to actively develop our services as the leading independent provider of investment expertise services, all available in a single portal. Our company consists of over 30 professionals in the investment industry, serving the Finnish investment field in the heart of Helsinki at Vuorikatu 14.
Investment Research Finland expands its service offering through its subsidiary by providing advisory services as an agent of Söderberg & Partners. The ownership structure of the group expands with the addition of new employee partners.
As a result of an increased frequency of commitment based investments, a separate reporting service for alternative investments, is integrated into our service offering for institutional investors.
A milestone is achieved, with 100-institutional clients in reporting services. ESG reporting for investment portfolios is incorporated into the service offering for institutional investors. The newly introduced Institutional Investor Benchmark Report provides unique benchmarking data for the Finnish institutional market.
The long-standing collaboration with the Finance Finland expands, as Investment Research Finland begins providing Finnish fund market data to the European Fund and Asset Management Association, and actively participates in collecting European market statistics.
Consultation services related formulating and updating of investment plans, and procurement of asset management services, are integrated into the service offering for institutional investors.
The subsidiary Sijoitusakatemia Oy is established to offer professional supplementary education in finance and investment.
IRF is established - 2004
Investment Research Finland (Suomen Sijoitustutkimus) begins its operations when OMHEX incorporates its analysis and reporting operations and sells them to key personnel responsible for services within the group. The history of IRF's services and operations extends even further, as Suomen Optiomeklarit (SOM) started offering fund reports and portfolio analysis services to institutional investors as early as 1993.

Suomen Sijoitustutkimus' subsidiary, Sijoitusakatemia Oy, provides professional supplementary education in finance and investment.

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